Presentation Ceremony of the Equipment for Police Check Points to Al-Muthanna Police Department (including Samawah), Iraq

March 15, 2005

  1. The presentation ceremony of the equipment for Police Check Points to Al-Muthanna Police Department, provided by Japan's grassroots human security grant aid, was held on March 15 (Tue) at the compound of the Department. Attending the ceremony on the Iraqi side were Bg. Kareem Heliebet Munaber, Chief of Police in Al-Muthnna, officials concerned of Al-Muthanna Police Department and other people involved, and on the Japanese side, Mr. Hiroyasu Kobayashi, Chief of the Liaison Office in Samawah of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Col. Kimihito Iwamura, Commander of Task Planning and Liaison Unit, and members concerned of the Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces (JGSDF).

  2. Japan believes that, in order to stabilize the public order in Iraq, it is essential to stabilize the people's livelihood by advancing political process toward establishing the government by the Iraqi people and also by promoting reconstruction and rehabilitation. The Government of Japan has therefore been cooperating actively for the efforts of the Iraqi people.

  3. Al-Muthanna Police Department plays a major role in maintaining the public security in the area. The strengthening of the function of police check points through the provision of equipment including search lights with generators and others is expected to contribute to improving the public order maintenance activities of the police; to enable the residents to lead their daily lives in peace; and also to create synergy of emergency grant aids, grassroots human security grant aids extended by Japan so far and humanitarian reconstruction support activities of the JGSDF.

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