Grassroots Human Security Grant Aid to Iraq (Governorate of Al-Muthanna including Samawah)

February 9, 2005

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to extend a grassroots human security grant aid amounting to about 670,000 dollars in total (about 74,770,000 yen) to Samawah General Hospital in the Governorate of Al-Muthanna of southern Iraq to implement the Project for Provision of Medical Equipment to Samawah General Hospital.

  2. The ceremony for the signature of the grant contract took place at 16:00 (10:00 local time) on February 9 (Wed) at the Samawah General Hospital. Attending the ceremony on the Japanese side were relevant personnel of the Samawah office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ground Self Defense Force, and on the Iraqi side, the Director of the Health Department of the Governorate of Al-Muthanna, Director of Samawah General Hospital, and others.

  3. The medical system in Iraq is severely damaged. In the Governorate of Al-Muthanna, the medical system has also been impoverished by shortages of medical goods and equipment and is unable to provide appropriate services.

  4. In May last year, Japan extended a grassroots human security grant aid to Samawah General Hospital, the central medical institution in the Governorate. This new assistance will improve further the hospital facilities through providing medical equipment.

  5. This grant aid is expected to create more synergy between the activities of the GSDF medical team and Japan's assistance for the improvement of medical institutions in the Governorate already provided through emergency grant assistance and grassroots human security grant aid.

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