Grassroots Human Security Grant Aid to Iraq (Governorate of Al-Muthanna)

February 7, 2005

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to extend to the Department of Al-Majid Municipality a grassroots human security grant aid of about 200,000 dollars in total (about 22 million yen) to improve roads of the municipality of Al-Majid, Governorate of Al-Muthanna in the southern part of Iraq. On February 7 at 8:00 pm (local time: 2:00 pm on the same day), a ceremony to sign a grant contract was held at the etape of the Self-Defense Force of Japan (SDF) in Samawah. It was attended from the Japanese side by the officials of the Liaison Office in Samawah of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the JSDF officers concerned, and from the Iraqi side by the Director of the Al-Majid Municipality and others concerned.

  2. The purpose of this aid is to asphalt the roads (total length: 1.26 km) already graveled by the Ground Self-Defense Force of Japan (GSDF) in the municipality of Al-Majid in the Governorate of Al-Muthanna, where the improvement of the basic infrastructure is particularly under-developed compared with other parts of the country, because of the oppression under the former government, the economy battered by the war with Iran, the economic sanctions after the Gulf War and other factors.

  3. The aid is expected to improve road traffic in the municipality of Al-Majid and public services for the residents such as water supply, medical care and education; and also to facilitate the smooth implementation of humanitarian and reconstruction assistance including water supply, medical care and repair of schools currently being carried out by the support units of the GSDF in and around the municipality of Al-Majid.

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