Emergency Grant Aid to the Republic of Guatemala in response to Tropical Depression "Stan"

October 28, 2005

  1. On October 28 (Fri), the Government of Japan decided to extend grant assistance of about $780,000 (about 83.5 million yen) to the Republic of Guatemala, which suffered torrential rainfall caused by tropical depression "Stan," for purposes as providing the afflicted people with food and other necessary good.
  2. In the Republic of Guatemala, tropical depression "Stan" caused torrential rains from October 2 (Sun) thruogh 9 (Sun), which triggered natural disasters such as flooding and landslides, causing great damage and leaving 1,513 people dead or missing (669 identified dead) and 474,821 afflicted as of October 23.

    The afflicted people are forced to live under difficult conditions in wide-ranging areas, and the Government of Guatemala has requested emergency assistance from the international community, while striving to restore the country on its own.
  3. In light of the need to provide humanitarian assistance for the disaster-afflicted and in view of the friendly relations between Japan and Guatemala, Japan has decided to extend this emergency aid.
  4. Added to the emergency assistance in kind (blankets, water purifiers, portable water tanks, generators, plastic canteens, and plastic sheets) worth 12 million yen which were extended by the Government of Japan to the Government of Guatemala on October 8, the cumulative total amount of assistance now comes to about 100 million yen.

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