Statement by the Press Secretary/ Director-General for Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on a Series of Bombs in Bali, Indonesia

October 2, 2005

  1. It is abominable that many people including some Japanese citizens were killed and injured by a series of bombs on October 1 (Sat) in Bali, Indonesia. The Government of Japan expresses sympathy for those killed by bombs and sends condolences to the bereaved families. We also express sympathy for those injured and pray for their early recovery.
  2. This series of bombs constitutes meanness and inexcusable acts which has followed the previous terrorists' acts by bombing of October 2002 in Bali, and August 2003 and September 2004 in Jakarta. Terrorism cannot be justified for any reason. The Government of Japan reiterates its firm condemnation of atrocious terrorism that victimizes many innocent people.
  3. The Government of Japan will continue its utmost efforts to tackle with fighting against terrorisms in cooperation with international community, and to cooperate with and support the Government of Indonesia for such efforts.
  4. Finally, the Government of Japan hopes that investigations of this series of bombs will be made swiftly, and makes its utmost efforts to gather and to compile relevant information especially related with the safety and security of Japanese citizens.

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