Ceremony to Present Television Equipment and Provision of Television Programs to Samawah, Iraq

January 13, 2005

  1. The ceremony to present television equipment for Al-Muthanna TV Station through Grassroots Human Security Grant Aid was held on January 13 (Thu) at 16:00 (local time: 10:00) at the etape of the Japanese Self-Defence Forces (JSDF) in Samawah. The ceremony was attended on the Iraqi side by Eng. Feras Ali Hussien, Deputy-Director and personnel of the Al-Muthanna TV Station and on the Japanese side by officials of the Liaison Office in Samawah of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the JSDF officers concerned.

  2. The project is expected to improve the TV Station's broadcasting technique, thereby enabling the provision of high quality information to the residents in the Governorate of Al-Muthanna as a whole and also serving to further publicize Japan's assistance to Iraq.

  3. As part of the reconstruction assistance for Iraq, the Government of Japan has decided to extend grant aid, through the Japan Foundation, of Arabic-dubbed versions of NHK TV programs (The "Project X" and "Puppet Theater" series) to the Al-Muthanna TV Station.

  4. The provision of TV programs has been decided in association with that of TV equipment as it is expected that there will be a shortage of TV program software to be aired by the Al-Muthanna TV Station, which broadcasts programs mainly throughout the Governorate where JSDF is currently carrying out activities. The assistance aims at helping Iraqi citizens to lead a richer intellectual life.
    The "Project X" series, which has been aired by 23 TV stations in 18 countries, has been very well received. It is expected that the Japanese businessmen depicted in the program, who succeed in their projects by overcoming difficulties, will encourage the people of Iraq who are putting effort into the reconstruction of the nation. The "Puppet Theater" series on the other hand is expected to cheer up the children of Iraq, where there are few entertainments, and help enrich their minds.

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