Emergency Aid for Hurricane Disaster in Jamaica

September 14, 2004

  1. On September 13 (Mon), the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency assistance in kind, equivalent to about 12.2 million yen (approximately US$ 111,000), comprising tents, electric generators, plastic sheets, sleeping mats and blankets, to Jamaica, which has sustained a large-scale hurricane disaster.

  2. Hurricane Ivan, which swept the coast of Jamaica from September 10 to 11, has caused serious damage including 19 people dead, about 13,000 evacuated and water supply/electricity cut off. The numbers of the injured and missing are as yet unknown. As the main roads are impassable due to floods and mudslides of this time, it may require more time to figure out the whole picture of the damage.
       At present, evacuees in Jamaica are forced to lead difficult lives in shelters set up in 288 places throughout the country. The Government of Jamaica, while conducting relief operations of its own with the support of international organizations including the International Federation of the Red Cross, has requested emergency aid from the international community.

  3. The Government of Japan is extending this emergency aid for humanitarian cause for those afflicted by the disaster and in view of the friendly relations between Japan and Jamaica.

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