Emergency Assistance for the Disaster in Thailand Caused by the Major Earthquake off the Coast of Sumatra and Tsunami in the Indian Ocean

December 28, 2004

  1. The Government of Japan, in light of the massive damage in the coastal area along the Andaman Sea in Thailand, caused by tsunami in the Indian Ocean, decided to dispatch the Japan Disaster Relief Team as follows:

    (a) Units of the Japan Self Defence Force (the Units were dispatched to conduct the response measures in the Indian Ocean under the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law, and were sailing around the vicinity of east of Malaysia on their way back to Japan after being replaced by other units. The units consist of three vessels (Destroyer "KIRISHIMA", "TAKANAMI", and a supply ship "HAMANA") with shipboard helicopters, and are scheduled to arrive the afflicted areas on 29th.)

    (b) Search and Rescue Team (approximately 50 members) (leaving Narita Airport on 29th)

    (c) Medical Team(approximately 20 members) (leaving Narita Airport on 30th)

  2. On December 26, tsunami hit the Andaman coastal area, including Phuket, and caused the massive damage, death toll of which rises to over 1,010, and the death of two Japanese tourists have been confirmed as of 3 P.M., 28 December (Japan Time).

  3. While the Government of Thailand has made every effort to rescue the victims, the Government made the request for assistance to the Government of Japan, as there still are a number of people missing and shortage of goods. Therefore, the Government of Japan decided to offer the emergency assistance, considering the significance of the disaster, the friendly relationship between Japan and Thailand, and the fact that many Japanese nationals are affected by the disaster.

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