Assistance through the Trust Fund for Human Security for Supporting Communities in Southern Sudan through a Fishery Project

December 21, 2004

  1. On December 21 (Tuesday), the Government of Japan and the United Nations (UN) decided to extend assistance of a total of 1,024,213.68 US dollars (approximately 112 million yen) through the Trust Fund for Human Security for the program "High Impact Assistance to Subsistence Fishery in Southern Sudan (Phase II)" to be implemented in the Republic of Sudan by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

  2. This project aims at restructuring the fishing industry for the war-affected people in southern Sudan in order to raise local standards of living, provide increased supplies of animal protein, increase employment opportunities and improve trade opportunities. Activities included in this project are as follows:
    (1) Reinstating the local supply channels of fishing equipment;
    (2) Teaching skills in fish processing and preservation techniques;
    (3) Providing training in construction of wood-efficient and longer-lasting fishing canoes;
    (4) Promoting the establishment of a network of small fishmongers with the aim of promoting trade in fish products.

  3. This project is expected to support post-conflict rehabilitation of communities in southern Sudan by benefiting its members including fishermen, former internally displaced persons (IDPs) and boat builders.

The Trust Fund for Human Security was established in the UN Secretariat in March 1999 by the initiative of the Government of Japan, with total contributions of 29.0 billion yen (approximately US$ 256 million) up to the present. The Trust Fund has assisted numerous projects of UN agencies that address various threats against human life, livelihood and dignity, from the perspective of Human Security.


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