Emergency Assistance to the R.O.K. for Flood Disaster

August 30, 2002

  1. On August 30 (Fri), the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency assistance in kind (equivalent to approximately 16.7 million yen) comprising 10 tents with a capacity of 20 people, 75 sleeping mats, 20 portable 2000 litre water tanks, 10 portable 3000 litre water tanks, 10 water purifiers, and 30 carpenter's kits, to the Republic of Korea, which has sustained damage from floods.

  2. Torrential rain that fell in the R.O.K. from the beginning to the middle of August caused flood damage mainly in Kyongsang-namdo, leaving 23 people dead or missing and causing huge damage totaling more than 90 billion yen. At present, the Government of the R.O.K. is investigating the exact extent of the damage and launching full-scale recovery work.

  3. The Government of Japan has notified the R.O.K. Government that it is ready to extend emergency assistance from a humanitarian point of view. On August 27, the R.O.K. decided on the practical details of what it needs, and so Japan has decided to extend this emergency assistance in kind.

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