Japan-Singapore Economic Agreement for a New Age Partnership
- Joint Study Group Report (Preamble) -

September 28, 2000

In December 1999, Japan and Singapore announced the establishment of a Joint Study Group to examine the feasibility and desirability of establishing a free trade agreement between the two countries.

The Joint Study Group has now completed its work and recommends that:

  1. the Prime Ministers of Japan and Singapore make a joint announcement, at an appropriate location and timing in October or November 2000, that the two countries intend to enter into formal negotiations with a view to concluding an economic partnership agreement between them;

  2. the negotiations begin at an earliest possible timing, targeting January 2001, and be concluded within a reasonably short period of time so as not to lose momentum; and

  3. given that the scope of negotiations will transcend the focus of a traditional free trade agreement, the resulting Government-to-Government agreement should henceforth be referred to as the Japan-Singapore Economic Agreement for a New Age Partnership.

On behalf of the Joint Study Group, we, the Co-chairmen, herewith submit our report.

Dr. Makio Miyagawa
Developing Economies Division,
Economic Affairs Bureau
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Sudesh Maniar
Deputy Director
International Economics Directorate
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore
Mr. Katsuhiko Umehara
Regional Cooperation Division,
Economic Cooperation Department,
International Trade Policy Bureau
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Mr. Pang Kin Keong
Consultant, Trade
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Mr. Kunio Mikuriya
International Affairs and Research Division,
Customs and Tariff Bureau
Ministry of Finance

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