Dispatch of an Expert Team (Earthquake-proofing) of the Japan Disaster Relief Team (JDRT) to Turkey for Earthquake Disaster Relief

August 20, 1999

  1. On August 20 (Fri), the Government of Japan decided to dispatch a JDRT earthquake-proofing study expert team comprised of eight persons (one each from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Land Agency, three from the Ministry of Construction, and three from JICA for duty operation), for about a week from August 22 (Sun) to the Republic of Turkey, which has been struck by a major earthquake.

  2. This will be the third dispatch following the rescue team (37 members) and the medical team (16 members) dispatched on August 17 and 18. The expert team to be dispatched this time will examine the earthquake resistance for buildings, civil engineering structures, and lifelines of the earthquake-stricken areas, and give advice to the Disaster Headquarters in order that the Turkish Government will be able to proceed with the rehabilitation activities urgently and smoothly from now.

  3. The magnitude of the disaster from the earthquake that hit Turkey on August 17 (Tue) continues to expand as time goes by. Local reports indicate that at present there are more than 7,000 people dead and more than 30,000 injured, and rescue activities are being conducted.

  4. The team will leave Narita Airport at 1:10 pm on August 22 and arrive at Istanbul at 8:00 pm on the same day (local time). The team members will assemble in the special waiting room A-7 of the Second Terminal of Narita Airport at 11:30 am.


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