Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs Masahiko Koumura on the Recognition of Russia's New Prime Minister Putin

August 16, 1999

  1. Japan extends heartfelt congratulations to President Yeltsin, Mr. Vladimir Putin, new Prime Minister, and the people of Russia upon the appointment of Acting Premier Putin as prime minister of the Russian Federation in the wake of the recognition by the State Duma.

  2. The Government of Japan hopes that a new Cabinet led by Premier Putin will be inaugurated smoothly and that Russia's reform line will be continued and enhanced. In cooperation with the international community, Japan will continue to support Russia's efforts toward reform.

  3. Since new Premier Putin has visited Japan before, at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has a deep understanding of Japan and the Japan-Russia bilateral relationship. Japan will seek further advancement of the Japan-Russia relationship in cooperation with new Premier Putin.

  4. There is no change in Japan's policy of establishing a creative partnership with Russia by enhancing bilateral relations in various fields including politics, the economy, security, culture, and international cooperation toward the new century, based on the Moscow Declaration signed on the occasion of Prime Minister Obuchi's official visit to Russia last November. Japan will also endeavor to advance the peace treaty negotiations to materialize the Krasnoyarsk Agreement through high-level incessant dialogues.

  5. President Yeltsin's official visit to Japan will be coordinated, with the timing of this autumn in mind. Japan will earnestly prepare for his visit in cooperation with the Russian side to further enhance the bilateral relationship in various fields at the opportunity of his visit.


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