The Third Meeting of the Senior Officials Task Force on Nuclear Tests by India and Pakistan

February 5, 1999

  1. The Third Meeting of the Senior Officials Task Force on the nuclear tests by India and Pakistan will be held on February 11 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Task Force was started following the proposal made by the then Foreign Minister Keizo Obuchi at the G8 ministerial meeting last year with the aim of studying mid- and long-term responses to the nuclear testing conducted by India and Pakistan in May last year.

  2. The Participants of this meeting comprise director-general or deputy director-general class officials of the G8 countries (including EU), Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, and Ukraine. From this third meeting, the Republic of Korea also joins this Task Force. The meeting will be chaired by Japan.

  3. The meeting will discuss the implementation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1172, inter alia, the conclusion of the CTBT. This meeting, in which officials from the G8 countries take part, is also expected to provide an opportunity to exchange their views on such issues as loans to India by international financial institutions.


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