Comment by Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiromu Nonaka on North Korea's Test Missile Launch

August 31, 1998

  1. An overall analysis of all information available at the moment indicates the possibility that a ballistic missile launched from the northeastern part of North Korea after noon on August 31 landed in the high seas off the Sanriku coast of Japan.

  2. After the firing of the missile, I made clear Japan's position in my press conference in the evening of August 31, namely that this missile launch was extremely regrettable. Now that the possibility has emerged that the missile landed in the high seas off the Sanriku coast of this country, Japan really deplores the launching of the missile, from the viewpoint of our security and the peace and stability of Northeast Asia, as well as of the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. I reiterate this stance of Japan and lodge a strong protest against North Korea.

  3. I think it extremely dangerous that the launching should have been conducted, with no prior notice, into the seas around Japan where many Japanese vessels, airplanes, etc. are operating.

  4. Japan has conveyed its protest over this test launch directly to North Korea through the Foreign Ministry.


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