"JAPAN SCOPE" - the New TV Programs by the Japanese Government via International TV Broadcasting Satellite for the Asia/Pacific Region

November 10, 1998

  1. A series of the international satellite English TV programs - JAPAN SCOPE - sponsored by the Japanese Government will start to be broadcast to Asia/Pacific countries this month. (Detailed schedule is below.)

  2. This TV program series is the first attempt to continuously provide the Asia/Pacific region with precise information on Japan's domestic and foreign policies, in view of the rising needs for the above-mentioned information in the region. By the end of March 1999, six programs will be broadcast. The first one will focus on Asia-Japan Youth Exchange and APEC.

  3. The program series will introduce commentaries on domestic and foreign policies of the Japanese Government, effectively inserting on-the-spot reporting, computer graphics and other visual methods as well as the presenter's talks with government officials such as the Press Secretary of Foreign Ministry.

  4. Based on the response of this fiscal year's broadcast, the Government intends to continue this series in and after FY1999.

    * The detailed schedule is as follows;

    Time (JST) Medium
    Nov. 14 (Sat.)
    23:30-23:45 JET
    15 (Sun.)
    07:30-07:45 JET

    16:30-16:45 JET
    29 (Sun.)
    10:30-11:00 CNBC


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