International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopts Resolution concerning North Korea's Missile Launch

October 3, 1998

  1. At its 32nd general session, which opened in Montreal, Canada, on September 22 (local time), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopted on October 2 (local time) by majority vote an assembly resolution concerning North Korea's missile launch. The resolution was co-sponsored by Japan and seven other countries (Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Spain and U.S.A.).

  2. North Korea's missile, launched without prior notice, was an act which jeopardized the safety of international civil aviation and was problematic in terms of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), whose basic aims are to develop international aviation in a safe and orderly manner and to improve the safety of international flights. Based on this recognition, Japan formulated a draft resolution calling the attention of the Contracting States of the Chicago Convention. That draft resolution was co-sponsored by eight countries and adopted by the general assembly.

  3. To secure the safety of international civil aviation, which is the basic aim of the ICAO, the resolution urges all the Contracting States to reaffirm the importance of air traffic safety and to strictly comply with the provisions of the Convention, its annexes, and its related procedures in order to prevent a recurrence of such potentially hazardous activities. It also instructs the Secretary-General to bring this resolution to the attention of all Contracting States.


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