Japan-Zimbabwe Relations

February 24, 2023

1 On February 21, the Japan-Zimbabwe Policy Consultations took place in Tokyo. The representative of the Japanese side was Mr. SAIDA Shinichi, Assistant Minister and Director-General for African Affairs Department and the Zimbabwean side was represented by Ambassador Mr. James MANZOU, Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

2 During the consultations, both sides exchanged views on the regional situation including that of Africa, Asia and Ukraine, as well as on the cooperation in the international arena such as that for the strengthening of UN functions, including Security Council reform. Both sides also exchanged opinions on the progress of the bilateral relation such as expansion of trade and investment, development cooperation and promotion of people-to-people exchanges.

3 Japan also stated that it continues to follow closely the domestic situation in Zimbabwe, where the presidential, parliamentary and other elections will be held this summer, and expressed its expectation that the elections will be conducted in a fair and peaceful manner.

4 Japan and Zimbabwe shared view that both sides would continue to strengthen cooperation to further deepen the bilateral ties.

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