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March 15, 2019

1. H.E. Mr. Kentaro Sonoura, Special Advisor to Prime Minister, will visit the Republic of Djibouti, the Republic of Indonesia and the United Kingdom from March 16 to 23.

2. In Djibouti, Mr. Sonoura will attend the pirates transportation exercise which will be conducted jointly by the Japan Coast Guard and Djibouti Coast Guard as well as hold meetings with Djiboutian governmental officials.

3. In Indonesia, Mr. Sonoura will participate in the High -Level Dialogue (HLD) on Indo-Pacific Cooperation to be held on March 20 and hold meetings with representatives from other participating countries.

4. In the United Kingdom, Mr. Sonoura will hold meetings with dignitaries of the UK Government to enhance bilateral cooperation for realizing a free and open Indo-Pacific as well as visit Northwood Headquarters, adjacent to the London suburb, where military headquarters of British Armed Forces among others is located.

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