April 26, 2019

The Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) will be held from 28th to 30th August 2019 at Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama city, Japan.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the co-organizers of TICAD7 is inviting applications for TICAD7 Official Side Events during a period of TICAD7.
Organizations such as international organizations, universities, research institutes, civil societies and NGOs who have an interest are kindly requested to fill in the attached registration form (Excel) and send it to the Side Event Team, Secretariat for TICAD7, African Affairs Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in principle by e-mail, no later than Friday, 31st May, 2019. Through the screening process by the Secretariat for TICAD7 and co-organizers, the result of the application will be informed to all applicants individually.

1. Purpose of the official side events

TICAD is a policy forum where diverse stakeholders participate in and share their expertise on African development. The official side events provide all TICAD participants with an opportunity to exchange opinions related to African development.

2. General Information

(1) Date and Time

Tuesday, 27th August through Friday, 30th August, 2019 (4 days)
From 10:30 am through 7:30 pm (On 30th August, from 10:30 through 2:30 pm only.)
The following 4 timeframes will be set.

  • (i) From 10:30 am to 12:00 pm (90 minutes)
  • (ii) From 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm (90 minutes)
  • (iii) From 3:30 am to 5:00 pm (90 minutes) (Except for 30th August)
  • (iv) From 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm (90 minutes) (Except for 30th August)

[note] The schedule is subject to change depending on TICAD7 main programs.

(2) Venue

(Pacifico Yokohama layoutOpen a New Window)
Pacifico Yokohama Annex Hall or Exhibition Hall B

(i) Pacifico Yokohama Annex Hall
Middle room (450m2,Approx. 200 people (Classroom)): 1 room
Small room(225m2,Approx. 100 people (Classroom)): 4 rooms
(ii) Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall B
Large room (525m2,Approx. 500 people (Theater)): 1 room
Middle room (425m2,Approx. 300 people (Theater)): 1 room
Small room (290m2,Approx. 200 people (Theater)): 6 rooms
The number of rooms is subject to change due to the volume of applications.

(3) Criteria for approval

  • Event that relates to African development and is expected to make useful inputs to the process of TICAD
  • In principle, an event should be open to the public.
  • In principle, an organizer of the event should be based in Japan or has a contact point in Japan.
  • During the event, organizer must be present.

(Disqualification for the official side event)

For example:

  • Profit-oriented events or events with poor public interests
  • Events organized by a political, religious and other similar organization, and are contrary to public order and morals
  • Events which are considered as diplomatically inappropriate
  • Cultural events such as concerts, performance, shows, receptions which offers food or drink and press conference

3. Important Notices

  • (1) In case, an event is organized by more than one organization, the organizers are kindly requested to specify a main organizer at the time of the application.
  • (2) In principle, one event can receive one slot for 90 minute, and each organization can apply only one slot.
  • (3) The following common equipment to each room will be available for free of charge (including electric power supply and lighting). The equipment is subject to change depending on the application situation.
    • Presentation equipment set for Power Point (screen, projector, PC and audio equipment)
    • 1 Table
    • Desks (for Classroom-type)
    • Chairs
    • 6 Microphones (4 wired, 2 wireless)
    • 1 Podium
    • Booths for simultaneous interpretation and equipment

    [note] The following must be arranged by an organizer at an organizer's expense.

    • Arrangement of additional options including additional electric power supply, equipment
    • Cost related to delivery, setup, clear-up, display
    • Simultaneous interpreter, receivers for interpretation
    • Transportation, food and drink expenses
    • Venue ornament such as banners and signboard
  • (4) In principle, rearrangement of the room layout is not admitted. Should an organizer make a decision that rearrangement of venue layout is inevitable for the organizer's reasons, the organizer must rearrange venue layout and restore the venue to its original condition under the responsibility of the organizer without an impact on events held in the former and following timeframe.

4. Other Notes

  • (1) Certification of the official side event does not mean granting a subsidy for holding an event. No financial or physical support other than the support stated in 3. above will be available.
  • (2) All the responsibilities as for holding an event are to be borne by an event organizer, even though the event is certified as an official side event of TICAD7. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TICAD co-organizers will not take any responsibility for incidents such as accidents, injuries, and property losses in the events.
  • (3) Even though an event meets criteria for approval as the official side event, the event will not always be certified as an official side event due to the limitation of the venue capacity and high number of applications. The criteria for approval of an official side event described in 2. (3) above is subject to change by the Secretariat for TICAD7 due to applications situation.
  • (4) An event cannot necessarily be held at the requested time and date.
  • (5) During TICAD7, a series of TICAD7 related events are expected to be organized by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Yokohama-city, host city of TICAD7 and so on and forth.
  • (6) Submitted applications will not be returned. If it's necessary, an organizer is kindly requested to make copies in advance.
  • (7) An organizer is kindly requested to send in a report of the event outline in Japanese or English within one month after the event in principle by e-mail to Side Event Team of Secretariat for TICAD7.
  • (8) In case, any modification is made, such as modification of an implementation plan or cancellation of the event, the organizer must inform the Secretariat for TICAD7 about such modification immediately in writing.
  • (9) Even though an event is certified as an official side event, certification will be cancelled in such cases as false application and violation of criteria for approval are revealed, or TICAD co-organizers consider cancellation is necessary.
  • (10) A nursery space is available to use for event organizers. However, personnel cost such as a baby sitter, and expenses such as safety mat or any other materials and equipment in a nursery space should be borne by an organizer. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TICAD co-organizers will not take any responsibility for incidents such as accidents, injuries, and property losses in a nursery space.

5. Procedure of application

  • (1) Application will be accepted until Friday, 31st May, 2019. After that date, through the screening process proceeded by the Secretariat for TICAD7 and co-organizers, official side events will be selected. By Mid June, allocated date, time and room will be notified to an organizer which is certified as an official side event organizer.
  • (2) After the notification, official side events will be coordinated by the third parties for official side events. The contact point of the third parties will be informed afterwards. The third parties are in charge of coordination with each organizer.
  • (3) The logo and logo guideline (PDF)Open a New Window will be provided to the certified organizers.
  • (4) Information on TICAD7 Official Side Events will be posted on related TICAD7 website, TICAD7 Facebook, Twitter and so on and forth.
  • (5) Objections to the result of certification as an official side event and modification of designated time, date and room of the side event will not be accepted.

6. Contacts

Side Event Team, Secretariat for TICAD7
African Affairs Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Address: 2-2-1, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8919
Mail address: TICAD7sideevent@mofa.go.jp

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