Japan-Ethiopia Relations

April 9, 2024
 State Minister TSUJI shaking hands with H.E. Mesganu, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopia
Meeting between State Minister TSUJI and H.E. Mesganu, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopia
  1. On April 9, Japan-Ethiopia Policy Consultations was held in Tokyo. The representative of the Japanese side was Mr. TSUJI Kiyoto, State Minister, while the Ethiopian side was represented by H.E. Mesganu Arga Moach, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
  2. During the consultations, both sides exchanged views on the further progress of the bilateral relations including economic relations and development cooperation, and the regional situation. In addition, State Minister Mesganu explained their efforts on the implementation of peace agreement in Ethiopia, and State Minister Tsuji expressed Japan’s willingness to continue to support the efforts of Ethiopia in such areas as DDR (disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration). Furthermore, both sides concurred on continuing to work together, including negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty, to promote investment in Ethiopia by Japanese companies.
  3. Both sides confirmed that two countries would continue to strengthen cooperation to further deepen the bilateral ties, and shared the view that two countries work together in the TICAD process.
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