Japan-Cabo Verde Relations (Basic Data)

March 1, 2008

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

  • 11 July 1975(Date of the recognition of the State)

Japanese Nationals:

  • Number of Japanese nationals residing in the Republic of Cabo Verde: 7 (as of Oct. 2007)

Trade with Japan (2006):

  • Exports: 22 million yen (leather shoes, etc.)
  • Imports: 1,069 million yen (automobiles, etc.)

Direct Investment from Japan (cumulative total fiscal 1951-1998):

  • none

Japan's Economic Cooperation:

VIP Visits

From Japan to the Republic of Cabo Verde:
Date Name
Aug. 2006 Minister of Justice, SUGIURA
From the Republic of Cabo Verde to Japan:
Date Name (from 2002)
Nov. 2002 Minister of Infrastructure, SOUSA
Mar. 2003 Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Fishery, NEVES
Jun. 2013 Prime Minister, NEVES (TICAD V)

Cultural Grant (cumulative total fiscal 1975-2004)

  • 73.3 million yen (Cultural Grant Aid)