Central Government Reform

---- For Simple, Efficient, and Transparent Administration towards the 21st Century ----

Central Government Ministries and Agencies were reorganized on 6 January, 2001. The objectives of the reform are encapsulated in the following four pillars:

  1. Establishing a System with More Effective Political Leadership
    Enhancement of Prime Minister's leadership and Cabinet Function will make the administration more flexible and responsive to the voices of the people. (more...)

  2. Restructuring of National Administrative Organs
    Restructuring of the entire government will make decision-makings within the government more efficient and effective. (more...)

  3. More Transparent Administration
    Introduction of a new system of IAI (Independent Administrative Institutions) will make policy-implementation more transparent and efficient. (more...)

  4. Drastic Streamlining of the Central Government
    Streamlining the administration will make the government slim and effective. (more...)

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