Japan-Australia Relations

August 19, 2016
  1. In Honor of the 40th Anniversary of the signing of Basic Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation between Japan and Australia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will award the Foreign Minister's Commendations to the following 12 individuals and 3 groups.
  2. The Commendations will be awarded to those who have made significant achievements in the field related to above treaty, in order to honor their achievements.
  3. (individual)
    Vice President, Australia-Japan Business Co-operation Committee - AJBCC Ian Williams
    Wadaiko Player, Co-Founder of TaikozIan Cleworth
    CEO, Australia-Japan Business Co-operation Committee - AJBCCDavid Jacobs
    Professor, University of New South WalesChihiro Kinoshita Thomson
    President, Australia Japan Society of NSWPhilip Mitchell
    Shakuhachi Player, Co-Founder of TaikozRiley Lee
    Fashion DesignerAkira Isogawa
    Violinist, Australian Chamber OrchestraAiko Goto
    Koto Player, Representative of the Australia Koto Music InstituteSatsuki Odamura
    CeramistMitsuo Shoji
    Deputy Dean of Students at the ANUPeter Hendriks
    Deputy Director of the ANU Japan InstituteCarol Hayes
    The Cowra-Seikei High Schools Student Exchange Committee
    Chado Urasenke Tankoukai Sydney Association

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