Major elements of the Action Plan to implement the
Japan-Australia Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation

December 2009

1. Strengthening cooperation on issues of common strategic interest

  • (1) Enhance policy coordination on security issues in the Asia Pacific region and beyond
  • (2) Exchange information and coordinate policy with respect to issues related to North Korea, such as the abduction, nuclear, and missile issues
  • (3) Enhance bilateral cooperation in the trilateral framework with the United States and in other multilateral frameworks including any existing and future regional security groupings
  • (4) Cooperate in APEC, the East Asia Summit, the ARF, and, on Australia taking up its membership, the Asia-Europe Meeting and continue regional discussions on the future of the region.
  • (5) Cooperate closely on Pacific Islands issues

2. United Nations reform

  • (1) Continue dialogue and cooperation on UN Reform, including actively pursuing early realisation of Japan's permanent membership of the UN Security Council
  • (2) Exchange views on UN Security Council priorities and issues

3. Security and defence cooperation

  • (1) Work towards an agreement on mutual logistics support
  • (2) Conduct following activities in accordance with the current Memorandum on Defence Cooperation:
    • (a) annual Ministerial meetings
    • (b) high level exchange
    • (c) working level exchange
    • (d) unit-to-unit exchange
    • (e) technical exchange
    • (f) information exchange
    • (g) cooperation in international peace cooperation activities
    • (h) enhancement of bilateral defence cooperation in such frameworks as Japan-Australia-US trilateral framework and the ARF
    • (i) development of an annual calendar of cooperation and exchange activities
    • (j) others
  • (3) Conduct discussions on North Asian Security in the framework of the Australia-Japan 1.5 Track Dialogue
  • (4) Enhance bilateral strategic discussions and exchanges, including in the context of the Trilateral Security and Defence Cooperation Forum
  • (5) Enhance exchange of views on human security

4. Law enforcement

  • (1) Enhance the cooperative relationship between the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Japan's National Police Agency (NPA)
  • (2) Exchange information relating to illicit drugs, including drug precursor chemicals
  • (3) Continue regular dialogue to coordinate regional aid strategies on trans-boundary threats in the region
  • (4) Hold regular Customs Cooperation Meeting to consolidate cooperation
  • (5) Enhance cooperation to combat money laundering
  • (6) Cooperate to progress discussions on the Arms Trade Treaty initiative

5. Border Security

  • (1) Explore possibilities for bilateral cooperation in the area of border security
  • (2) Implement the Airline Liaison Officer initiative

6. Counter-terrorism

  • (1) Strengthen bilateral cooperation among counter-terrorism officials
  • (2) Participate in the next trilateral counter-terrorism talks
  • (3) Jointly contribute to building up the capacity of developing countries in the area of port security and border control
  • (4) Share research, best practice, open source materials and technological solutions on counter-radicalisation activities
  • (5) Make Joint Efforts to strengthen CBRN terrorism prevention measures in developing countries
  • (6) Cooperate to enhance the capacity of developing countries to identify and interdict cash couriers and bulk cash smugglers

7. Disarmament and counter-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destructions and their means of delivery

  • (1) Hold annually the Australia-Japan Bilateral Disarmament and Non-proliferation Talks
  • (2) Cooperate to promote the PSI in the region.
  • (3) Cooperate on counter-proliferation outreach efforts, including considering holding Chemical Weapons Convention implementation workshops
  • (4) Promote the exchange of information relating to imports and exports of concern
  • (5) Cooperate in the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty review process.
  • (6) Promote international discussion taking into account the findings of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament in the lead-up to the NPT Review Conference.

8. Peace Operations

  • (1) NPA to attend AFP's International Deployment Group pre-deployment training
  • (2) Explore further opportunities for Cooperation with Japan's Program for Human Resource Development in Asia for Peacebuilding
  • (3) Co-host a symposium on Post Conflict Reconstruction and Reconciliation to develop proposals for cooperation
  • (4) Cooperate in support of the work of RAMSI
  • (5) Encourage linkages between Australian and Japanese organisations for the study of peacekeeping, including the new Asia-Pacific Civil Military Centre of Excellence

9. Exchange of strategic assessments and related information

  • (1) Continue negotiations on a bilateral agreement on classified information sharing and security.
  • (2) Enhance the exchange of strategic assessments and related information through regular meetings between relevant agencies

10. Maritime and aviation security

  • (1) Hold a bilateral dialogue on transport security.
  • (2) Australia Customs and Japan Coast Guard to meet to discuss joint exercises, personnel exchange, and training opportunities
  • (3) Explore ways jointly to assist East Timor in strengthening its maritime security
  • (4) Explore ways to cooperate in regional and global anti-piracy efforts

11. Humanitarian relief operations, including disaster relief

  • (1) Consult closely on regional disaster response issues and identify areas for cooperation, particularly in disaster response and risk reduction
  • (2) Jointly strengthen the capacity of the UN to support regional disaster response and disaster management

12. Forthcoming dialogues

  • (1) Japan-Australia Joint Foreign and Defence Ministerial Consultations
  • (2) Foreign Ministers meeting
  • (3) Defence Ministers meeting
  • (4) Official's pol-mil dialogue
  • (5) Official's Defence Policy Talks
  • (6) Official's Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Talks
  • (7) Customs Cooperation Meeting
  • (8) Senior Officials Talks on East Asia

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