What is TICAD

Japan co-hosted Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) in 1993 (TICAD I), 1998 (TICAD II) and 2003 (TICAD III) in Tokyo. The co-organizers of TICAD are UN (OSSA (Office of the Special Advisor on Africa) and UNDP), AUC and World Bank. TICAD was launched to promote high-level policy dialogue between African leaders and development partners. Since its inception, TICAD has provided fundamental and comprehensive policy and guideline on African development.

In the early 90's, when 'aid fatigue' set in after the Cold War, Japan launched TICAD in order to refocus international attention on the importance and urgency of African development issues. Japan has stressed the importance of 'Africa's ownership' of its development as well as of the 'partnership' between Africa and the international community. A central feature of TICAD is the cooperation between Asia and Africa.

At TICAD I, African countries and their development partners determined to do their utmost for African stability and prosperity.

At TICAD II, African countries and their development partners agreed on the Tokyo Agenda for Action (TAA), the strategic and action oriented guideline, with poverty reduction in Africa and its integration into the global economy as two fundamental goals.

At TICAD III, 1,000 delegates took part including 23 heads of state and the Chairperson of the AU Commission. African countries and their development partners reviewed the achievements of the ten year TICAD process, discussed the future direction it should take in light of the latest developments on the African continent and in the international arena, and declared the 'TICAD Tenth Anniversary Declaration'.

In preparation for holding a TICAD IV on 28-30 May 2008, Japan and the co-organizers will hold ministerial-level meeting on African development in March 2008 in Libreville, Gabon.

In order to strengthen the recent positive trends in Africa in both political and economic areas, concrete initiatives by the international community will be discussed under the theme of 'Towards a Vibrant Africa: Continent of Hope and Opportunity.'

TICAD IV mobilizes knowledge and resources of the international community in the core areas of: (a) Boosting Economic Growth, (b) Ensuring Human Security including achieving MDGs and consolidation of peace, and (c) Addressing environment/climate change issues. TICAD IV interlinkages with G8 Hokkaido Touyako Summit and related events (Hideyo Noguch Award other site).

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