Luncheon hosted by Mr. Masahiko Koumura, Minister for Foreign Affairs, for the Heads of United Nations Organizations

May 29, 2008

  1. On May 29, Mr. Masahiko Koumura, Minister for Foreign Affairs, invited the heads of UN attending the Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD IV) for luncheon. Twelve heads of UN organizations, including Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro, UN Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, attended the luncheon.
  2. At the outset, Mr. Koumura expressed gratitude his for the active contributions by the UN organizations including preparations for the TICAD IV. He said that to carry out the achievements of TICAD IV on the field level, it was important to tackle issues using an "all participatory" approach, involving African countries, donor countries, international organizations and civil society from the perspective of "Human Security," which places importance on the protection and empowerment of individuals and communities; he added that he hoped to continue to receive cooperation from UN organizations.
  3. Dr. Migiro welcomed that the many international organizations had participated in TICAD IV, and said she would like to strengthen cooperation between Japan and the UN towards realization of "Boosting Economic Growth," "Ensuring Human Security including achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Consolidation of Peace," and "Addressing Environmental Issues and Climate Change," the main agenda items of TICAD IV, and have the achievements of TICAD IV tied in with the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit.
  4. They exchanged views for about one hour on various matters aimed at achieving the MDGs including in the areas of health, water and education.

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