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October 2012

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:
1960. 7 Japan recognized the independence of Somalia
1982. 10 Somalia established an Embassy in Tokyo. (The Embassy was closed in 1990)
Japanese Nationals:
Number of Japanese nationals residing in Somalia: 0 (as of 1 October 1999)
Trade with Japan (2008):
Exports: 295 million yen
Imports: 12 million yen
Direct Investment from Japan: none
Japan's Economic Cooperation:
List of Exchange of Notes
Loans: 6.61 billion yen
Grants: 17.52 billion yen
Technical Cooperation: 868 million yen

VIP Visits

From Japan to Somalia
1993 Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Kakizawa
From Somalia to Japan
2010 "Minister for Foreign Affaires" Ali Ahmed Jama

Recent Trends

Since 2007, Japan provided about 124.4 million dollars of security and humanitarian assistance.

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