Women's Issues
World Assembly for Women in Tokyo: WAW! Tokyo 2014

September 13, 2014

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Event Outline

 The World Assembly for Women in Tokyo (WAW! Tokyo 2014) will be held in Tokyo from September 12 (Friday) to September 14 (Sunday). The event is being jointly hosted by four organizations–the Government of Japan, KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation), Nikkei Inc., and the Japan Institute of International Affairs–and also is being supported by the Japan Center for Economic Research.
 Participants in this symposium will include political leaders, business leaders, and opinion leaders from several countries across the world, including Ms. Christine Lagarde, who is the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The issues to be discussed will include the economic benefits achievable by promoting the active roles of women , diversity in working styles, the development of society, and the common issues relating to women throughout the world. From these discussions, messages and ideas on how to further promote women’s active roles will be sent out from Tokyo to the world.
 Specifically, an open forum will be held on the 12th and a roundtable discussion among participants from Japan and overseas will be held on the 13th.

Open Forum: Women’s Power as the Source of Growth

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    (Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)

 On the afternoon of September 12 (Friday), an open forum on the theme of “Women’s Power as the Source of Growth” will be held at Keidanren Kaikan. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde will give the keynote speech; Mrs. Akie Abe, the spouse of the Prime Minister of Japan, will have a discussion with women leaders; and then a panel discussion will be held on the theme of “Promoting women’s active roles to bolster companies’ competitiveness ,” with panelists including Mr. Sadayuki Sakakibara, Chairman of KEIDANREN. Prime Minister Abe is also scheduled to participate.

High-Level Roundtable Discussion

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    (Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)
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 The roundtable discussion will be held on September 13 (Saturday). After the opening session involving all participants, during Session Meeting 1 entitled Promoting Women’s Active Roles in the Economy, and Session Meeting 2 entitled Global Issues and Women’s Initiatives, discussions will be held on (1) Promoting Women’s Active Roles in Companies/Organizations, (2) Women and Entrepreneurship, (3) Infrastructure Necessary to Support Women’s Active Roles in Society (in Session Meeting 1), and (4) Future “Human Security” and Women, (5) Peacebuilding by Women, and (6) A Society where Self-Determination of Women is Assured (in Session Meeting 2). Prime Minister Abe is scheduled to participate.

Shine Weeks

 The period from before and after the symposium, from September 8 (Monday) to September 19 (Friday), has been positioned as the Shine Weeks and a series of women-related events will be held by groups including relevant government ministries and agencies, local governments, citizen groups, and schools and student organizations. These events will include symposiums, seminars, movie screenings, performances and events for food, tourism, and other aspects of Japanese culture. It is hoped these events will generate a movement for “A Society where Women Shine” across all of Japan.