Statement by Ambassador Takahiro Shinyo, Deputy Permanent Representative
Item 132: Administrative and Budgetary Aspects of the Financing of the United Nations peacekeeping operations

6 June 2007

Strengthening the capacity of the United Nations to manage and sustain its peacekeeping operations has been an important focus for this Committee in recent years. Japan joins other Member States in commending the Secretary-General for his initiative to enhance the performance of the Organization in the conduct of its peacekeeping operations. As it made clear in its statement at the adoption of the framework resolution in March, Japan supports the thrust of the Secretary General's proposals. My delegation is ready to consider carefully the comprehensive report that has just been introduced, together with the report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions. This afternoon, I limit my comments to our basic thinking along which we intend to proceed in tackling this important agenda.

First, Japan would support the Secretary General in managing the United Nations as a coherent budgetary whole. Whatever creation or abolition of departments or posts that may be considered, the resource requests for peacekeeping operations need to be managed within the Secretariat in such a way as to ensure that there is budgetary control. The Secretary General, as the chief administrative officer, should be in a position to grasp and manage all the resources available to him in a coherent manner. How these points could be ensured through organizational structure and authority is a question that my delegation attaches great importance.

Second, my delegation is favourable to the establishment of a new department of field support headed by a post at the Under-Secretary General level. I would hasten to add that the new organizational structure may present major management challenges as the ACABQ points out. The establishment of integrated operational teams within the regional divisions of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, may not be a solution to these challenges. We are also of the view that redundancy must be avoided in creation of new posts.

Third, my delegation agrees with the Secretary General in stressing the need for reinforcement of the rule of law and the establishment of basic sustainable security institutions as fundamental aspects of peacekeeping. At the same time, my delegation would like to point out that peacekeeping operations cannot be expected to stay forever, and the host country would need to eventually manage its peace towards prosperity, with ownership. A holistic approach with a long term perspective is needed that involves not only enhanced coordination and collaboration with other UN agencies on the ground and the donor community, but also other forms of UN presence such as special political missions. Expertise and vision that could be provided by other capacities in the Secretariat such as the Department of Political Affairs should thus be properly engaged. My delegation is of the view that we may need to very carefully consider the matter before deciding to reinforce such a function within the Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

Fourth, we would not need to remind this Committee that it has been waiting for the outcome of the analysis it requested, in GA resolution 61/246, to the Secretariat, on management arrangements for procurement including clear line of accountability and delegation of authority. My delegation deems it of importance that serious deliberation be done in this respect before any changes in the structure or addition of the resources are pursued.

The points I have made are not exhaustive. But being fully aware of the time constraint, Mr Chairman, I will stop now. Please be assured that my delegation will constructively engage in the discussions of the informal consultations, so that the restructuring exercise could proceed in the direction that would serve the interest of this Organization.

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