Press Conference by Senior Foreign Ministry Officials Archives
May 2007

30 May, 2007: Deputy Minister Masaharu Kohno and Director General for Global Issues Koji Tsuruoka

  1. Briefing by Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Masaharu Kohno on the 2007 G8 Summit in Heiligendamm
  2. Questions concerning Japan's desired outcome from the G8 Summit in terms of climate change
  3. Question concerning the issue of China extending loans to Africa
  4. Question concerning discussion of the North Korean issue at the G8 Summit
  5. Question concerning the effect of the current political situation in Japan on discussions at the G8 Summit
  6. Briefing by Director-General for Global Issues Koji Tsuruoka on "Cool Earth 50"
  7. Question concerning the ability of the proposed new financial mechanism to encourage the involvement of large emitters of greenhouse gases
  8. Question concerning Japan's ability to meet its Kyoto Protocol target
  9. Question concerning Japan's non-involvement in the European Union's proposal on climate change
  10. Question concerning the involvement of other countries in technology transfer

24 May, 2007: Director General for Global Issues Koji Tsuruoka

  1. Briefing on the policy speech on climate change to be delivered by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
  2. Questions concerning similar proposals from other nations
  3. Questions concerning implementation
  4. Questions concerning specific targets
  5. Questions concerning funding
  6. Questions on strategies for eliciting international participation
  7. Questions concerning Japan's current progress towards meeting the Kyoto Protocol target

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