Third Donor Committee meeting and Expanded meeting of the International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq (IRFFI) in Tokyo

September 7, 2004

  1. On October 13 (Wednesday) and 14 (Thursday), the Government of Japan will host the Third Donor Committee meeting and Expanded meeting of the IRFFI in Tokyo (the "Tokyo meetings"). On the first day, the Expanded meeting is to be held with the participation of contributors and potential donors to the IRFFI. On the second day, the management of the IRRFI will be discussed by the contributors.

  2. At the Tokyo meetings, senior officials of the donor countries of the IRFFI, potential donors, the administrators of the IRFFI (the World Bank and the UN), and other international and regional organizations are expected to attend. From the Iraqi side, Dr. Mehdi Al-Hafedh, Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation, and other senior officials of various ministries will be participating in the meeting.

  3. The Tokyo meetings will address the following points:
    (1) Discussion on the challenges facing the Interim Government of Iraq after the transition of authority on 28 June (development strategy, security situation, political process including preparations for elections)

    (2) Review of the current state regarding pledges made at the Donors' Conference in Madrid approximately one year ago and strengthening international solidarity for the reconstruction of Iraq

    (3) Confirmation of implementation of the projects financed by the IRFFI and facilitating of international coordination by encouraging further participation of donors in the IRFFI.

  4. The Government of Japan has made contributions amounting to $ 490 million and has been chairing the Donor Committee of the IRFFI. The first Donor meeting was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 28 and 29 February 2004 and the second one in Doha, Qatar, on 25 and 26 May 2004.

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