Japan's Emergency Assistance through International Organizations for the Disaster Caused by the Major Earthquake off the Coast of Sumatra and Tsunami in the Indian Ocean

January 11, 2005

  1. After the major earthquake off the coast of Sumatra and the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, Japan announced that it would provide 250 million dollar assistance through international organizations. On January 11, Japan decided on the details of the contribution (see following table). Mr. Shuzen Tanigawa, Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, officially announced the details at the Meeting of Ministerial Level on Humanitarian Assistance to Tsunami Affected Communities, which was held in Geneva on the same day.

  2. This contribution is part of the financial assistance (grant aid) of up to 500 million dollars for the time being, which was already announced, and will be swiftly disbursed after the Cabinet authorization scheduled on January 17.


International Organizations Amount (US dollars)
UNICEF 70,000,000
WFP 60,000,000
UNHCR 15,000,000
OCHA 5,000,000
UNDP 24,500,000
FAO 5,000,000
IOM 25,000,000
UN-HABITAT 3,000,000
UNIFEM 1,000,000
UNFPA 5,500,000
UNV 5,000,000
ISDR 4,000,000
WHO 6,000,000
IFRC 15,000,000
ICRC 6,000,000

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