Japan's Diplomatic Activities






This publication is the English translation of the "Gaiko-Seisho (Diplomatic Bluebook) 1990", originally published in Japanese as an annual report of Japan's diplomatic activities.

This Diplomatic Bluebook describes Japan's perception of the world situation and its diplomatic activities mainly from August 1989 to July 1990. It consists of four chapters plus some reference materials.

Chapter I presents an overview of changes in the international community over the past one year and objectives and priorities of Japanese foreign policy.

Chapter II focuses on challenges which the world confronts while creating a new international order and the role that Japan should play to help overcome these challenges on a theme-by-theme basis.

Chapter III recounts the situation in each region of the world along with Japan's diplomatic activities therein.

And Chapter IV describes the diplomatic machinery which sup-ports Japan's foreign policy.

We hope that this publication will help those readers abroad who are interested in Japan to deepen the understanding of Japan's foreign policy and its diplomatic activities.





Chapter   I. Changes in International Community and Japanese Foreign 

Section 1. Structural Changes in the Postwar International Order

Section 2. Tasks of Japan's Foreign Policy


Chapter  II. Tasks for Construction of a New International Order and Japan's Role

Section 1. Major Changes in International Politics and Cooperation for Peace

   Item 1. Search for New East-West Relations

   Item 2. Support for Democratization

   Item 3. Prevention and Settlement of Regional Conflicts

   Item 4. Promotion of Arms Control and Disarmament

   Item 5. National Security of Japan

Section 2. Trends of International Economy and Scientific Technology, and Coordination for Prosperity

   Item 1. Current Situation of World Economy and Challenges

   Item 2. Policy Coordination Among Industrialized' Democracies and Japan's Policy Efforts

   Item 3. Strengthening of Multilateral Free Trading System

   Item 4. Economies of Developing Countries

   Item 5. Expansion of Official Development Assistance (ODA)

   Item 6. Industrial and Scientific Technology and International Cooperation

Section 3. Coping with Global Issues

   Item 1. Global Environmental Problem

   Item 2. Drug Problem

   Item 3. Problems of International Terrorism

   Item 4. Humanitarian Problem

Section 4. Roles of the United Nations and Other International Organizations, and Japan's Cooperation

Section 5. The International Community and Japan

   Item 1. In Harmony with the International Community

   Item 2. Strengthening of International Cultural Exchange and Cooperation

   Item 3. Japanese Abroad

   Item 4. Non-Japanese Residents in Japan


Chapter III. Situation in Each Region and Japan's Relations with Respective Regions

Section 1. The Asia-Pacific Region

   Item 1. Situation in the Asia-Pacific Region

   Item 2. The Korean Peninsula

   Item 3. China and Mongolia

   Item 4. Southeast Asia

   Item 5. South Asia

   Item 6. Oceania            

Section 2. North America

   Item 1. The United States of America

   Item 2. Canada

Section 3. Europe

   Item 1. Regional Situations

   Item 2. Situations in Major Countries

   Item 3. Japan's Relations with Europe

Section 4. Soviet Union

Section 5. Latin America and the Caribbean Region

   Item 1. Regional Situation

   Item 2. Situations in Major Latin American Countries

   Item 3. Relations with Japan

Section 6. Middle East

   Item 1. Major Regional Developments

   Item 2. Situations in Major Middle East Countries

   Item 3. Relations with Japan

Section 7. Africa

   Item 1. Major Regional Developments

   Item 2. Situations in Major African Countries

   Item 3. Relations with Japan


Chapter  IV. Diplomacy Machine