Part I
Chart 1. Trends in ODA Disbursements of Major DAC Countries
Chart 2. ODA Disbursements by Type of Assistance of Japan and the DAC Countries
Chart 3. Trends in Distribution of Types of Assistance
Chart 4. Bilateral ODA by Region
Chart 5. Trends in Bilateral ODA by Region
Chart 6. Trends in ODA by Sector
Chart 7. Trends in ODA Budget and Other Major Expenditures (Index)
Chart 8. Japan’s ODA Policy Framework
Chart 9. ODA Partnerships between Government and NGOs
Chart 10. Views from all Sectors of Society Concerning the ODA Charter (Most Common Views Only)
Chart 11. World Bank Loans to Japan
Chart 12. Environmental Problems Transcending National Borders
Chart 13. Basic Concept of Support for Peace-building
Chart 14. Japan’s Support for Iraq
Chart 15. Yen Loans to China
Chart 16. Japan’s Cooperation for Africa
Chart 17. Measures for Strengthening Collaboration among ODA-Related Government Ministries and Agencies
Chart 18. Country based ODA Task Forces
Chart 19. ODA Town Meetings (2003)
Part II
Chart 1. Major Development-related International Conferences in 2003
Chart 2. The Millennium Development Goals By the year 2015, all 191 United Nations Member States have pledged to meet these goals
Chart 3. Major International Conferences in which Consultations concerning the Water Sector were Held (2003)
Chart 4. Flow of funds from DAC Countries and International Institutions to Developing Countries
Chart 5. Moves to Increase ODA by Country
Part III
Chart 1. Japan’s ODA Disbursements in 2002
Chart 2. Bilateral ODA Disbursements by Type
Chart 3. Distribution of Bilateral ODA by Sector
Chart 4. Japan’s Bilateral ODA by Region
Chart 5. Major Indexes of the ODA Disbursements of Japan and the DAC Countries
Chart 6. Major Projects in the Basic Education Sector
Chart 7. Number of Teachers Currently Dispatched by Type of Teacher and by Region
Chart 8. Aid Disbursements in the WID Sector
Chart 9. Commitments in the Water and Sanitation Sector by Purpose
Chart 10. Commitments in the Water and Sanitation Sector by Region
Chart 11. Change in the Number of Foreign Students in Japan
Chart 12. Fiscal Year 2002 Implementation Status of the Environmental Conservation Initiative for Sustainable Development (EcoISD)
Chart 13. Major IDI Disbursements (Fiscal year 2002)
Chart 14. Assistance Disbursements related to the Anti-personnel Landmine Issue
Chart 15. Commitment to Financial Assistance in the Field of Disaster Reduction and Post-disaster Reconstruction
Chart 16. Status of Implementations of Japan’s Comprehensive Co-operation Package to Address the International Digital Divide (fiscal year 2002)
Chart 17. Assistance Disbursements in the East Asian Region
Chart 18. Assistance Disbursements in the Southwest Asian Region
Chart 19. Assistance Disbursements in the Central Asian and the Caucasus Region
Chart 20. Assistance Disbursements in the Middle East Region
Chart 21. Assistance Disbursements in the African Region
Chart 22. Assistance Disbursements in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region
Chart 23. Assistance Disbursements in the Oceanian Region
Chart 24. Assistance Disbursements in the European Region
Part IV
Chart 1. Changes in the ODA Budget
Chart 2. ODA Budget
Chart 3. General Account Budget
Chart 4. Breakdown of the ODA Project Budget
Chart 5. ODA General Account Budget (for the Entire Government)
Chart 6. ODA Project Budget (for the Entire Government)
Chart 7. Financial Resources for the ODA Project Budget and Expenditure by Type of Assistance
Chart 8. ODA Budget Changes for Ministries and Agencies (General Account Budget)
Chart 9. ODA Budget Changes for Ministries and Agencies (Project budget)
Chart 10. ODA Disbursements by Type
Chart 11. ODA Disbursements and Changes in ODA Disbursements as Percent of GNI
Chart 12. Flows from Japan to Developing Countries
Chart 13. Bilateral ODA Disbursements by Region
Chart 14. Changes in ODA Disbursements by Region
Chart 15. Breakdown of Disbursements by Country and Type
Chart 16. The 30 Countries that Receive the Most Bilateral ODA from Japan for each Type
Chart 17. List of Countries in which Japan is their Largest Donor Country
Chart 18. Bilateral ODA Disbursements by Sector

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