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Olympic reports from the media
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02/23/98 Games Go Out with a Bang at the Closing Ceremony
02/20/98 Last Chance to Buy Souvenirs!
02/20/98 Sewing Machines a Hit with Olympic Visitors
02/20/98 Sample IDs Turn Visitors into "Gold Medal Winners"
02/20/98 Kids Without Families Meet Olympic Visitors
02/20/98 Famous Fans in Nagano for the Games
02/19/98 Kids from Salt Lake City Cheer on American Skiers
02/19/98 Volunteers Pick Up After Olympic Visitors
02/18/98 Dutch Prince Visits Nagano Elementary School
02/17/98 Students Cheer On Chinese Freestyle Skiers
02/17/98 Silver Medalist Visits Local Family
02/16/98 One-Man Turkish Team Enjoying the Games
02/16/98 Language Volunteers Get Lesson in Real-Life Classroom
02/15/98 Goodwill Exchanges with Swiss and Canadian Visitors
02/15/98 Volunteers Welcome Visitors with Station Concerts
02/13/98 Japanese Furnishings Help Foreign Athletes Relax
02/13/98 Kenyan Skier Finishes First Olympic Race
02/12/98 High-School Skier Happy with her High Finish
02/12/98 Tae Satoya Ready to Celebrate Her Gold Medal
02/11/98 More Medals for the Host Country
02/11/98 Japanese Skater Takes Gold as Mom Cheers
02/10/98 Blind Children Enjoying, Getting Involved in Olympics
02/10/98 Bringing the Games to the World
02/09/98 High School Students Create English Signs
02/09/98 British Activist Speaks to Nagano Students
02/08/98 Prime Minister Welcomes VIPs to Games
02/07/98 A Visit from the Slovakian President
02/07/98 The Last Stage of the Torch Relay
02/07/98 Nagano Games Get Under Way

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