Registration for Media Organizations:
Thu. May 1 to Sat. May 31, 2008 (Japan Time)
(Registration for Media Organizations is closed)

Registration for Media Personnel (Application for Press ID):
Wed. May 7 to Fri. June 20, 2008 (Japan Time)
(Registration for Media Personnel is closed)

All Media Organizations and Media Personnel must apply for Press ID cards (hereafter referred to as "Press ID") for the Hokkaido Toyako Summit (hereafter referred to as the Summit). To apply for the Press IDs, registration for Media Organization is required. After getting your Media Organization registered successfully, please proceed to Press ID application of individual Media Personnel of your organizations for Press ID. For details, please read the circular released on April 25, 2008.

Procedure for Media Accreditation

  1. Register for your Media Organization (each organization must select one representative of its organization).
  2. Once Media Organization has been registered successfully, the organization will be given the relevant URL, User ID and Passwords necessary for application of media personnel Press IDs. Since applicants who applied via the URL with valid User IDs and Passwords will be regarded as members of the registered organizations, please be cautious for any abuse on the use of URL, User IDs and Passwords.
  3. Media Organizations must then access the relevant URL and apply for Press IDs for their Media Personnel of the organizations. Once the application for Press IDs has been accepted and accredited successfully, a confirmation number will be sent to you by email.

Media Personnel whose registration for Press ID has been accredited successfully, will be able to use Media Secure Site, free downloading of Summit Photos, and other media-related services including admission to International Media Center (IMC).

Required documents for Registration for Media Organizations
  1. PDF data of a scanned certificate of employment of the representative
Required documents for Registration for Media Personnel
  1. PDF data of a scanned photograph-bearing ID
    (passport, company ID card, driver's license, National Press ID Card, etc) (512KB or under)
  2. PDF data of a scanned certificate of employment (512KB or under)
  3. A digital facial photograph (in JPEG format) (512KB or under)
For Inquiries:
Media Accreditation Section
Secretariat for the G8 Summit, MOFA
(Corresponding time)
09:30a.m. to 18:30p.m. on weekdays. (JAPAN TIME)
(Except Japanese public holidays)
* No registration for Media Organization after June 1st or application for Press IDs after June 21 will be accepted. Therefore, all persons expected to be engaged in media coverage activities at the Summit must apply in a timely manner.
* Due to the space restriction and security reasons, only media pool among participating countries may cover the Summit events. Media seeking to cover the events, must obtain an appropriate Pool Card besides the Press ID. Details regarding the Pool Cards will be informed in due course.
* Security will be strictly enforced in the area surrounding the IMC during the Summit. Those who are expected to access the areas around the IMC such as messengers or car drivers employed by media organizations, are also advised to apply for Press IDs.
* No special measures will be taken regarding entry into Japan or visa issuance for foreign media who are applying for the Media Organization Registration and Press IDs. It is the responsibility of each media organization to obtain visa for its members. For visa inquiries, please contact Embassy of Japan or Consulate-General of Japan serving your area.