Japan's Diplomatic Activities







This publication reviews Japan's diplomatic activities and the international situation, with an analysis of its changes, mainly in the period from August 1988 to July 1989. It consists of four chapters plus some reference materials.

Chapter I surveys new developments in the international community and the backgrounds of the developments, while analyzing Japan's position in the world and diplomatic tasks for Japan.

Chapter II focuses on important problems confronting Japan and the world on a theme-by-theme basis.

Chapter III gives an overview of Japan's foreign relations in the past one year and recounts the situation in each region of the world along with the Japan's diplomatic activities therein.

Chapter IV describes Japan's diplomacy machine.





Chapter  I.  Japanese Foreign Policy in the Changing International Environment

Section 1. The Changing International Environment

Section 2. Japan in the Global Context

Section 3. Tasks for Japanese Foreign Policy


Chapter II.  Major Trends in the International Community and Tasks for Japanese Foreign Policy

Section 1. International Politics and Japan's Position

1. East-West Relations

2. Situation in Asia and the Pacific

3. Sino-Soviet Relations

4. Disarmament and Arms Control

5. Global Environmental Problem

6. Problem of International Terrorism

7. United Nations Activities

Section 2. National Security of Japan

1. Characteristics of Security in the Asia-Pacific Region

2. Moves of the Countries Concerned That Must Be Taken Into Account for Japan's Security

3. National Security Policy of Japan

Section 3. World Economic Situation and Japan's Responsibilities

1. Overview

2. Tasks of Industrialized Economies and Policy Coordination Among Them

3. Economies of Developing Countries

4. Regional Economic Integration

5. Uruguay Round

6. East-West Economic Relations

Section 4. Development of Industrial and Scientific Technology and International Cooperation

1. Development of Industrial and Scientific Technology and International Relations

2. International Cooperation in Science and Technology

Section 5. Promotion of the International Cooperation Initiative

1. Cooperation for Peace

2. Expansion of Official Development Assistance (ODA)

3. Strengthening of International Cultural Exchange

4. Approach to Environmental and Other Global Problems

Section 6. The International Community and Japan

1. Japan's Image in the International Community

2. Influence of International Community on Japan

3. What Is Expected of Japan and Japanese - Changing the Ways of Thinking


Chapter III. Situation in Each Region and Japan's Relations with Respective Regions

Section 1. Japan's Major Diplomatic Activities

Section 2. Asia-Pacific Region

Section 3. North America

Section 4. Latin America

Section 5. Western Europe

Section 6. Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Section 7. Middle East

Section 8. Africa

Chapter IV. Diplomacy Machine



Chapter  I . Speeches by the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister at the National Diet

Chapter  II. List of Official Mourners Representing Foreign Countries and International Organizations at the Funeral Ceremony of Emperor Showa

Chapter III. Exchange of VIP Visits (August 1988-July 1989)