Eco Ideas

Let's Ride in an Eco-car!

Cars used to be seen as symbols of environmental pollution, because they guzzled lots of gas and filled the air with exhaust fumes. Some people even thought of them as "enemies of the planet." It's too bad really; cars are so convenient. But a new kind of car is hitting the road and changing this image: the eco-car. Let's look at the eco-cars made in Japan.

Hybrid Vehicles Lead the Way
There are many types of eco-car namely, electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, and hybrids among others. Hybrid cars combine a gasoline engine with an electric motor. Japan is at the forefront of the development of hybrid vehicles that use less gasoline and emit as little carbon dioxide as possible.

In 1997 Toyota Motor Corporation began sales of the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, the Prius. With the Prius, Toyota introduced a vision of the car of the future. Honda Motor Co., meanwhile, began selling its Civic Hybrid in 2001. A lot of people are choosing to buy a hybrid when they replace their old cars, and the popularity of these vehicles is really taking off.

Eco-Car Lineup
At the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, hybrid cars, electric cars, fuel-cell-powered shuttle buses, and other clean energy-vehicles will be used to transport the media and delegates from each country.


Have you ever experienced riding in an eco-car? Not only are eco-cars easy on the environment; people love their quiet engines and high performance, too. Be sure to take a ride in one if you ever get the chance!

The development of the next generation of eco-cars, such as electric cars and "plug-in hybrids" that can be recharged at home, is really getting underway. Because these cars can travel longer distances on a single charge, they'll be even better for the environment.