Provisional Translation

Announcement by Prime Minister Fukuda on the Climate Change


As a result of today’s discussion the G8 shares the recognition that we seek to adopt, as a global goal, the goal of achieving at least 50% reduction of global greenhouse emission by 2050.

We the G8 have confirmed today here at Toyako that this long-term goal is an appropriate and necessary goal for the earth.

This long-term goal requires the wisdom and cooperation of the entire world.  The G8 will set up a new international initiative for the research and development of innovative technologies to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society.  Furthermore, the G8 will implement ambitious economy-wide mid-term goals in order to achieve absolute emissions reduction.  In addition, new multilateral “Climate investment funds” have been set up to assist the efforts of developing countries.  In this context, Japan will promote its “Cool Earth Partnership Initiative.”  

When we look back, the past year has been a long journey.  Since agreeing to “seriously consider” a long-term goal, at last year, Heiligendamm Summit, Japan, as the Chair of G8, has repeatedly conducted difficult negotiations.  We have arrived at the agreement reached today. 

It goes without saying that the achievement of the long-term goal will only be realized with the contribution for other major economies.  At tomorrow MEM, we will strongly call on such countries for cooperation.

Based on the strong resolve expressed here today at Toyako, we will begin efforts to lead to the common action on a global scale.  This, I feel, is the important mission that is entrusted on us, as we are responsible for the future of the next generation.