What's New July 2009

July 31

July 28

July 27

July 25

July 24

July 23

July 22

July 21

July 18

July 17

July 16

July 15

July 14

  • Press Conference by Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone (July 14)
    • The Development of Natural Resources in the East China Sea (The Transport of Materials into Shirakaba gas field by Chinese Vessels)
    • Legislation for the Act for Special Measures on Cargo Inspection of North Korean Ships
    • "Secret Agreement on the Introduction of Nuclear Weapons"

July 13

July 11

July 10

July 9

July 8

July 7

July 6

July 4

July 3

  • Press Conference by Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone (July 3)
    • Opening Statement
      • Change in the Implementation Plan of the Replenishment Support Special Measures Law (Extension of Dispatch Period) and Results of the Measures taken under the Special Measures Law for Humanitarian and Reconstruction Assistance in Iraq
    • Launch of Short-range Missiles by North Korea
    • Election of the next IAEA Director General
    • Issue of the Northern Territories

July 2

July 1

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