Meeting between Minister for Foreign Affairs Makiko Tanaka and Finance Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Shaukat Aziz (Special Envoy of the President Pervez Musharraf) (Outline)

(1 November 2001 from 10:05 to 10:55 at Foreign Minister's Office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

1 November 2001

1. Japan's Support for Pakistan's Stance against Terrorism

Foreign Minister Tanaka stated that she highly appreciated the fact that Pakistan, despite the difficult domestic situation, has maintained a strong stance against terrorism and that Japan will continue to support Pakistan.

2. Discontinuation of Economic Measures by Japan and the Issue of Nuclear Non-proliferation in Pakistan

Foreign Minister Tanaka stated that, despite the decision to discontinue measures in response to Pakistan's nuclear testing, Japan is firmly committed to the policy of nuclear non-proliferation and that she expected Pakistan to positively work towards signing the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban-Treaty (CTBT). In response, Special Envoy Aziz stated that (1) he would like to convey the gratitude of the President for the decision of Japan to discontinue economic measures; (2) Pakistan is committed to continuing the moratorium on nuclear tests; (3) Pakistan, too, is seeking the nuclear non-proliferation and it would make every possible effort to assure the export control of the nuclear related materials and technology and to command and control nuclear assets in Pakistan, and that (4) Pakistan would endeavor to formulate a domestic consensus on CTBT.

3. Kashmir Issue

Special Envoy Aziz reported that although the India-Pakistan Summit Meeting held in July had come close to signing an agreement, it had failed to do so due to the resistance from hard-liners on the Indian side. He added that despite this, President Musharraf was still ready to deal with the India-Pakistan relationship including the Kashmir issue with an open mind.

4. Domestic Security Situation in Pakistan

Special Envoy Aziz stated that the majority of the Pakistani population is moderate and support the government's policy of fighting against terrorism together with the international community.

5. Afghanistan Issue

Special Envoy Aziz stated that (1) while the return of the former King of Afghanistan Mohammad Zahir Shah could be an option, the Afghanistan issue should be resolved by Afghans themselves and not by external influences; (2) in addition to the short term recovery aid such as food, Afghanistan will need long term support for reconstruction that would give hope to the Afghan people, in those areas such as agriculture, water, infrastructure and education; (3) the problem Afghanistan is facing is not ideological but the "sense of loss" among the people, and that Japan is expected to make significant contribution to addressing this problem as a major donor; and (4) Japan is expected to actively encourage international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for their support.

6. Debt Relief Issue

Special Envoy Aziz stated that (1) Pakistan decided not to seek debt cancellation to creditor countries but to request debt burden alleviation through such forums as the Paris Club; (2) the financial resources made available through debt relief will be utilized for education and poverty reduction; (3) while being a military regime, Pakistan is making efforts to reduce its military spending; and (4) Position in at the frontline of the battle against terrorism, Pakistan hopes that Japan understands that the stability of Pakistan is linked to stability in the region.

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