Japan-US Summit Telephone Call

May 17, 2004

On May 17, 2004, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi received a telephone call from President George W. Bush of the United States of America. The call lasted for approximately 20 minutes from 20:45 (Tokyo time). The following is a summary of what was discussed.

1. Reconstruction Assistance for Iraq

(1) (a) Stating that reconstruction of Iraq has reached a critical juncture, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi expressed his respect for the strong leadership being demonstrated by President Bush in the midst of a difficult situation.
  (b) Prime Minister Koizumi offered his condolences for the many US citizens who have lost their lives in Iraq.
  (c) Prime Minister Koizumi expressed his appreciation for US cooperation regarding incident involving the hostage taking of Japanese nationals.
  (d) Prime Minister Koizumi stated that he appreciated the fact that President Bush welcomed the Brahimi proposal and is supporting the involvement of the United Nations in Iraq. Prime Minister Koizumi welcomed President Bush's efforts toward the adoption of a new UN Security Council resolution, and stated that Japan also wished to cooperate towards that end.

(2) In response, President Bush stated that while the situation in Iraq was difficult, he was confident that the objectives could eventually be reached. He also stated that he hoped to have a good UN Security Council resolution, adopted and that he hoped to obtain cooperation from Japan.

2. Issue of North Korea

(1) Prime Minister Koizumi explained that he would make a visit to North Korea on May 22. He stated that intention to endeavor for the objective of achieving a comprehensive solution to issues including the abduction issue and the nuclear issue. With regard to the nuclear issue, Prime Minister Koizumi stated that he would impress upon North Korea that it should work actively in the Six-Party Talks. Furthermore, Prime Minister Koizumi stated that coordination with the US on issues concerning North Korea was of great importance.

(2) In response, President Bush stated that Japan-US cooperation was extremely strong. President Bush expressed his full understanding concerning the purpose of Prime Minister Koizumi's visit to North Korea, offered his support, and wished for a successful visit.

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