Adoption of the UN General Assembly resolution regarding the Status of Palestine in UN, and Japan's position

November 30, 2012


1 Summary

(1)The meeting of the UN General Assembly was held in the morning on November 30 (Japan time), and the resolution on granting non-member observer state status to Palestine (A/RES/67/19) has been adopted by a majority.

(2) Result of the voting
Yes :138
No :9

2 Japan's position

Japan voted in favor and made the following EOV.

(1) Japan has long understood the Palestinians' aspiration for building an independent State and has supported the right of the Palestinian people to self determination. Japan thus endorses a two-State solution under which Israel and a future independent Palestinian State would co-exist side by side in peace and security. In light of this, Japan voted in favor of this resolution regarding the status of Palestine at the United Nations.

(2) Japan believes that, following the adoption of this historical resolution, Palestine will bear greater responsibility vis-à-vis the international community. We strongly urge Palestine to exert more earnest efforts toward the realization of peace in the Middle East.

(3) Japan requests both Palestine and Israel to establish relationships of mutual trust and to promptly return to the negotiation table with a view to realizing a two-State solution. Japan will also continue to make an active contribution to move the Middle East peace process forward in cooperation with the United States, Arab countries and other partners. It is not acceptable to use this resolution to act in a way that might negatively affect or hinder direct negotiations with Israel. Israel, for its part, should improve the environment to promote the resumption of peace negotiations, including by freezing settlement activities.

(4) In this regard, Japan requests the following two points to Palestine in relation to this resolution.

  • First, we call on Palestine to immediately resume direct negotiations with Israel in order to move the peace process forward in a tangible way in cooperation with the international community.
  • Second, we ask for prudence with respect to conduct, such as accession to international organizations, an action which might negatively affect the prospect for the resumption of negotiations.

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