Exchange of Letters between the Government of Japan and the Government of Kuwait on the Status of Japanese Self Defense Forces and Other Personnel in the State of Kuwait

December 2003

  1. The exchange of letters on the status of Japanese Self-Defense Forces (SDF) and other relevant personnel in the State of Kuwait took place on December 22 (Monday) in Kuwait between Ambassador Sumio Tarui of the Japanese Embassy in Kuwait from the Japanese side, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah from the Kuwaiti side.
  2. As Kuwait can serve as a suitable location for setting up a base camp for transportation in case personnel of the SDF and other relevant personnel are dispatched to Iraq and other countries in accordance with the Law Concerning the Special Measures on Humanitarian and Reconstruction Assistance in Iraq, the Government of Japan had been in negotiation with the Kuwaiti Government regarding the legal status of those personnel.
  3. This exchange of letters provides the privileges and immunities accorded to the SDF members and other relevant personnel dispatched to Kuwait, such as immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of the receiving country (Kuwait) as well as immunity from its civil and administrative jurisdiction for their actions, not other than in the performance of official duties. Exchange of these letters is expected to facilitate smooth implementation of activities by the SDF and other relevant personnel in Kuwait.

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