Foreign Minister's Visit to the Middle EastForeign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi's Visit to Israel and Palestinian Autonomous Areas

June 2002

Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi, Minister for Foreign Affairs, visited Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Areas from June 7 (Fri) to 10 (Mon).
Ms. Kawaguchi had talks with the leadership of both sides to urge them to realize a ceasefire and to show Japan's stance toward the ceasefire and the resumption of peace negotiations.
This was the first visit by a Japanese Foreign Minister to Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Areas since the visit by the then Minister for Foreign Affairs Masahiko Koumura in January 1999.


June 7 (Fri) Departure from Tokyo
June 8 (Sat) Arrival at Tel Aviv
Meeting with leaders of the Palestinian Autonomous Areas
June 9 (Sun) Meeting with the leaders of Israel
Departure from Tel Aviv
June 10 (Mon) Arrival at Tokyo

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