Fiscal Year 2003: Research Aid to Afghanistan
Research Project for Developing Mine Clearance Related Equipment
6.46 Million Yen

November 5th, 2003

1. Background and Significance

(1) Afghanistan is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. Mine clearance activity is prerequisite for its reconstruction and socio-economic development.

(2) Mines in Afghanistan have been basically cleared manually. Although manual demining increases employment opportunities for deminers, there is certain limitation of the activities, mainly because of security concerns and difficulty of access in minefields. Therefore, in order to improve efficiency and security for mine action programs in Afghanistan, the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan has been trying to establish mechanization in mine clearance activities.

(3) Meanwhile, for improving security and accessibility in minefields, like the same purpose as that mentioned in the above paragraph (2), research and development of demining machines and mine detectors have been promoted in Japan, and also the Government of Japan has supported them. Those Japan's researches have already received much attention from the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan and the United Nations Mine Action Center for Afghanistan (MACA) which has assisted mine action programs in Afghanistan.

(4) However, natural conditions and weathers in local minefields must be examined thoroughly to develop mine clearance related equipment with fully practical capacity. In that sense, bringing those equipment to Afghanistan and cross-examining their utility are a vital element to apply those machines effectively into Afghan's minefields.

(5) Under the above circumstances, the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan asked Japan for the assistance, "The Research Project for Developing Mine Clearance Related Equipment", to transport mine clearance related equipment and carry out tests for those practical capacity in Afghanistan. In replying to that request, the Government of Japan decided to send and examine those equipment in Afghanistan.

2. Outline

(1) Demining machines and mine detectors manufactured in Japan, will be sent to Afghanistan for examining those practical capacity.

(2) The machines planned to be sent are as follows:

(a) Demining Machine (up to six kinds)
(b) Mine Detector (Portable) (up to three kinds)
(c) Mine Detector with Complex Functions (up to two kinds)

(3) The machines will be selected among applications from the public.

3. Planned Schedule

(1) December 2003      Advertise for Application of Equipment

(2) January 2004 Closing Date
Select Equipment

(3) February 2004 Preparation for Equipment and Transportation

(4) April 2004 - Start Tests in Afghanistan

(5) December 2004 Finish Tests in Afghanistan

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