Latin American Youth Invitation Programme

First Latin America and Caribbean Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

   The Latin American Youth Invitation Programme is one of the invitation programmes which the Government of Japan sponsors and implements for the purpose of cultural exchanges with foreign countries. Promising youths from Latin American countries are invited to Japan to learn more about Japanese politics, economy, culture and society. Specifically, this year's programme has the aim of promoting understanding of environmental issues in Japan, and therefore we have invited environmental officers.
   The Japanese Government hopes that this programme will promote deeper understanding of Japan overseas and thus strengthen the relations between Japan and Latin American countries.

1. Period

1 September 1999 - 10 September 1999

2. Contents of the Programme

(1) Courtesy Call to the director of Second Latin America and Caribbean Division
(2) Lectures on Environmental Problems in Japan
(3) Inspections of Environmental Equipments
(4) Homestay in Hiroshima
(5) Visit to Kyoto, Nagoya
(6) Audience by Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino

3. The Number of Participants from Each Country

Brazil (9)
Argentine (4)
Uruguay (2)
Paraguay (2)
Chile (2)
Bolivia (2)
Peru (2)

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