Japan's Diplomacy towards the Region

Basic Policy Objectives

  • To ensure long-term stability (as a condition for peace & prosperity)
  • To reinforce democracy & free market economy
  • To strengthen mechanism of international cooperation
  • To develop better relationships between Japan & the Region

Summary of Policies

l) Support for the "Two Ds" and the cooperation on the global issues

Democracy & Development

  1. Positive bilateral cooperation through ODA, etc.
  2. Support of efforts of international bodies such as U.N. & OAS for democracy (e.g. monitoring general elections)
  3. Policy coordinations with donor countries & international organizations such as the World Bank

Tackling Trans national Issues

  1. Positive economic & technical cooperation for protecting environment (e.g., Mexico, Brazil, etc.)
  2. Financial & technical cooperation on narcotic issues (e.g., Financial cooperation with OAS)

2) Enhancement of political dialog & widening the scope of mutual relationship

Dialogue with Rio Group (RG) Foreign Ministers

  • Japan-RG Annual Talks
    • since '89 on the occasion of UN General Assembly
  • Japan-RG Troika Consultation
  1. Began in May 93 (Tokyo) ; Brazilia (94) & Tokyo (95)
  2. Discussion on the International & Mutual Relations
  • Japap-RG High-level Economic officials Meeting
    • Began in June 96 (Tokyo)

Better Understanding with Central America & the Caribbean

  1. The First Japan-Central America Forum for Dialogue and cooperation. (in El Salvador, November 95)
  2. Japan-Caricom Annual Talks since July 93

Dialogue with principle subregional economic integrations

  • The first Minister-level Meeting with MERCOSUR in September 95

Promotion of bilateral dialogues with major countries in and around the region

  1. Annual and/or ad hoc talks at working levels with members of the region
  2. Annual consultations with U.S. & U.K., etc
  3. Promotion of interchange between the private sectors incl. cultural & academic community

2) Commemorative year of Amity and Immigration

  • Japan & Brazil, to celebrate the Centenary of the Conclusion of the bilateral Treaty of Amity & Commerce implemented a variety of commemorative events in 95
  • Commemorative events with :
      Mexico & Chile/1997


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