Joint Program
concerning the Brazilian Communities in Japan

Tokyo, May 26, 2005

The Prime Minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi, and the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (hereinafter referred to as "both leaders" );

Taking into account the Joint Communiqué issued on the occasion of the visit of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to Brazil on September 16, 2004;

Recalling the contribution to Brazil of the Japanese immigration, the centenary of which will be celebrated in 2008;

Recognizing as well the contribution of the more recent flow of Brazilian people to Japan;

Decided to issue the following Joint Program Concerning the Brazilian Communities in Japan;

  1. Both leaders welcomed that the 2nd Consular Coordination Meeting was held in Tokyo in April where various issues concerning the Brazilian community in Japan and the Japanese residents in Brazil were discussed constructively, and expressed their expectation to the 3rd Meeting which would be held in Brazil next year.
  2. Both leaders, being aware of the importance of education for Brazilian children living in Japan, confirmed that both governments would continue to positively address the issue and decided that both governments would have an occasion to exchange views in Tokyo in October this year.
  3. Both leaders also decided to encourage the local authorities in Japan to promote even more the teaching of Japanese for Brazilian immigrants, with the purpose of improving their educational performance and reinforcing their adaptation to the Japanese society;
  4. With regard to social programs linked to education, both leaders decided to encourage the local authorities in Japan to promote the offer of facilities for the development of facilities on leisure, sports, social development, and upbringing of youngsters and their families;
  5. Both leaders decided to make every effort on strengthening the adaptation of the Brazilian community to the Japanese society in the educational and social security fields;
  6. Regarding the cooperation in the field of social security, both leaders decided to stimulate working mechanisms between the relevant authorities of the two countries, with a view to addressing social security between the two national systems;
  7. For this purpose, a working group was set up. Its first meeting will be held in Brazil on September 19 and 20, 2005 and its findings will be reported to the relevant authorities in due course;
  8. Without prejudice to the priority attached to the cooperation in the fields of education and social security, the Brazilian side mentioned that it was important to enhance the situation of the Japanese community in Brazil and the Brazilian community in Japan in other areas, including health, and the Japanese side took note of it;
  9. Also in this regard, both leaders recognized the importance of the execution of rogatory letters before the Justice of both countries, especially in the context of Brazilian family relations;
  10. Both leaders reaffirmed that the JET Programme is an important instrument to help promote the people-to-people exchange for the Brazilian community in Japan. In that sense, the Japanese side expressed its intention to explore the possibilities to broaden Brazilian participation in the JET Programme, as well as to further utilize Brazilian JET participants for the Brazilian communities, especially Brazilian children, in Japan.
  11. Both leaders recognized the important role of the Brazilian JET Programme participants in promoting exchanges between people at local community level and shared recognition that the TV broadcasting of educational program in Portuguese might be useful in addressing the issue.

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